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Olá! Esta é a wiki onde vamos anotando e organizando as nossas ideias, projectos e planos.

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Date With Data 20

2 de setembro de 2017

Pad de notas

Notas da apresentação Dra. Bahareh Heravi

  • data journalism projects; worked as data scientist in newspaper
  • practice in a more formal context (in comparison to DWD)
  • visiting the country; wanted to know the community and the people working in the field of data journalism, visualization
  • coming from a programming background and entering into something 'less technical'

Round of presentations

  • Ana, design background, working as ux designer and front-end developer at J++ Porto, opendata and libre software
  • Ricardo, J++ Porto founder, opendata \& free software <3
  • João, a hacker in the making
  • Rui, background in planning, learned code by himself, consultant for municipalities on
  • David, background in biotechnology
  • Francisco, computer science degree
  • Andreia, graphic design background, currently working on citizen activism
  • João, teacher on interface design, coder and interface designer, working on visualization
  • Marta, education for children, fell in love with technology; researcher on connections and mix of education and technology
  • João, software development \& hacking
  • Francisca, learning code in the last year,

Overview of the data journalism field

Dear Data

  • Two designers, Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, decided to exchange postcards with hand drawn data visualizations depicting parts of their daily life; get to know each other through data
  • – students were encouraged to find alternative ways to visualize data (avoid bar charts, and more traditional ways)
  • Methodology
    • Design | Legend + information
    • information: title, author, method
  • Quantified self: collect data about yourself. How to do it?
    • pick something to track: checking your phone; taking selfies; …
    • add context: where am i? what was i doing? why did i do it? how was with me? …
    • record immediately
    • be honest; fake data is not interesting
  • All visualizations available online at:

Discussion and questions:

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